Fuel Filter

The fuel filter protects the injection system from water, dirt and other residue in the fuel that can be harmful to the engine.  Any diesel engine mechanic worth his or her salt knows how important it is to change the fuel filter at regular intervals.  Today’s modern engines require fuel that meets stricter standards than ever before.

A fuel filter that can deliver fuel that is free of contaminants and impurities is vital to the proper operation of the equipment engine.  If your equipment engine is stalling and hesitating there is a good chance the fuel filter is obstructed from dirt and rust from the fuel tank.  Replacing the fuel filter at regular intervals is a lot less expensive than performing carburetor or even fuel injector work.

Whether it is a cartridge filter, In Line or spin-on filter, Aftermarket Filtration Experts has the cross-reference number you’ll need to meet all the requirements of a complete maintenance for your equipment.  If you don’t have a part number you can always provide us with accurate dimensions and motor/engine information.  We can then take that information to find you the correct filter for your particular situation.

You can rest assured that the quality of the filters you get from us meets strict OEM specifications.  If you do not see the fuel filter part number you need in our cross-reference catalog then give us a call and well go find it for you.  Our cross-reference is updated daily, so the fuel filter you are looking for may just simply have not made it into our scheduled update.