Coalescing Filters

Condensate management with your compressed air system is very important from many aspects. The correct oil water separator or condensate management system is vital to the operation of most compressed air systems. Environmental regulations strictly prohibit disposing of oil water condensate unless properly treated. Properly removing the hazardous oil content in compressed air is what an effective oil water separator does. Aftermarket Filtration Experts can supply you with all the necessary replacement parts to maintain your current oil water separator or we can provide you with a complete oil water separator system.

Aftermarket Filtration Experts can replace most models with our quality replacement kits. Airtek, Beko, Champion, Deltech, Hankison and Gardner Denver are just some of the OEM oil water separator kits we can provide. Our oil water separator kits will include various carbon charcoal bags/elements and adsorption pre filter elements. Some kits will include foam replacement filters.  Just give us an OEM part number then let us go to work for you.

For mineral oils, PAO types, and any other synthetic oils the oil water separator and replacement kits are compatible and exceed OEM specifications. You can expect to remove 99% of oil content and stable emulsions from liquid condensate. Lubricate carryover is in the range of 10 parts per million by weight which meets stringent EPA guidelines and meets most state and local codes.

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