Air/Oil Separator

An oil separator, more commonly called an air/oil separator element, is used to remove the expensive lube oil from the discharge of a rotary screw compressor. If you are looking for a quality separator element to be used with a rotary screw air compressor you have come to the right place. 

When looking for an oil separator to be used on most rotary screw compressor Aftermarket Filtration Experts will most likely have that cross reference you are looking for.  And if you seek an oil separator for vacuum systems such as Dekker or Kinney vacuum systems, we have the separator that you can use with confidence.

The industry of natural gas production has taken advantage of the rotary screw and liquid ring compressors for well head gas extraction. Many gas production companies are now putting together gas packages that require an oil separator to be used on the discharge of the screw or liquid ring compressor.

The refrigeration industry is yet another industry where a quality oil separator element is required. We cover all replacements for refrigeration systems including such OEM’s as Frick, Mycom (Myakawa), GEA (FES), Vilter, and several others.

Our standard oil separator element meets OEM standards at oil carryover of less than 3 parts per million by weight.  Pressure drop across our elements is typically below 2 psi on a clean element.

For performance beyond OEM standards we now have our extreme duty or “XD” style separator that yields less than 1 part per million and less than 1 psi differential. If you have an oil separator element, whether it is an OEM or an aftermarket separator that just does not seem to be performing to your expectations, then may we suggest the “XD” may be what you’re looking for.

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