Air Filters

Air filters are probably one of the most important filtration devices on industrial equipment.  An air filter is designed to allow enough air into the machine while removing and holding contaminants.  Knowing how important the air filter is to your machine is why Aftermarket Filtration Experts makes sure that each of our air filters will exceed OEM specifications.

Because the air filter is one of the most important components as part of the complete equipment maintenance package, all air filters should be monitored to insure that they are clean and working properly.  A plugged and dirty air filter contaminates the oil and causes unnecessary power consumption because the motor or engine requires more amps or horsepower to pull the air into the equipment or carburetor due to the restricted air flow across the dirty air filter.   Changing the air filter at regular intervals is a good investment to prevent contaminating expensive equipment oil or contaminating an expensive air/oil separator element.   Customers often ask how long an air-oil separator or an oil filter for a equipment should last.  The answer is only as long as the dirt and other airborne contaminates can be kept out of the equipment system.  When asked if I had to choose between which elements to maintain more often, I clearly would choose a thirty dollar air filter and ten dollar cabinet filter over a three hundred dollar air-oil separator element.

Also part of air equipment maintenance is efficiently and effectively filtering the air sucked in through the grills in the air equipment cabinet.  Aftermarket Filtration Experts provides air filters for cabinet filtration and custom cuts cabinet air filters per your personal request.  Cabinet air filters are a excellent way to keep dust and dirt not only from the air intake filter but it also insures that the other components such as the electrical parts stay clean.

Aftermarket Filtration Experts offers specialty air filters or intake filters for various other applications such as natural gas scrubber filters and filters for vapor recovery units.  If you’re looking for an air filter for the latest model equipment please give us a call. We pride ourselves on keeping the latest OEM air filters cross-referenced and available.